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Rumah Javara


Inspired by Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, Javara was founded by Helianti Hilman in 2008. Javara works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution in order to preserve such biodiversity and bring community based, organic products to broader markets. Javara is currently know as the leading social enterprise in Indonesia that works with a vast range of biodiversity community-based organic food products using ethical principles.

It’s objective is to encourage consumers to nurture Indonesia’s food biodiversity and improve the livelihood of its suppliers. With headquarters in Jakarta, the company’s operation is spread across Indonesia from Aceh to Papua. Through collaborations involving a network of over 100,000 organic farmers and food artisans across Indonesia. Supported by over 15 marketing and sales personnel and over 10 food processing partners, JAVARA currently serve over 300 supermarkets and retail shops and over 10 international buyers in US, Europe and Japan. Some of the community-based products such as coconut sugar, have already been organically certified internationally.

Prior to Javara, Helianti founded a number of social enterprises in Indonesia. Her signature brand, Javara, is one of Indonesia’s purveyors of artisanal products. Originally trained as a lawyer who advised the Indonesian government on intellectual property development. Helianti was also a rural economic development consultant for international development organizations. Inspired by the wealth of Indonesia’s biodiversity and the dedication of the indigenous farmers. Helianti brings her passion for community-based business and expertise in agribusiness to grow her social enterprise to the next level.

Rumah Javara

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