Mohammad Bijaksana Junerosano “Together we can make our lives better”

Since 2010, Mohammad Bijaksana Junerosano (Sano) is an active fasilitator and a trainer for numerous local social enterprises. Sano recalled the day he got the contacted by then Grand Bekasi

10 04 2017

Rifki Nawawi : “Residents give a more believable critic or compliment”

As the development progresses, the infrastructure and public facilities at Vida Bekasi also evolves the existing neighborhood. A long time resident Mr. Rifki Nawawi could feel the positive change around

Mohammad Suprapto

He sees the development of Vida Bekasi aims to build similar lifestyle as he experienced in the Netherlands. So, he decided to take his own share of Vida Bekasi. He bought a property at Botanica Cluster. Suprapto believes in the future, quality of life in Vida Bekasi can be pursued as he witness that some of the facilities were built had served the community well.

09 06 2017

Carolina Chintiasari

“I’m happy to be part of this development” It was a busy afternoon in Bank Mandiri when we interviewed Mrs. Carolina Chintiasari, the branch manager of Bank Mandiri Vida Bumipala.

Asuka Matsuba

There are so many things a foreigner can do in Indonesia; going to exotic places and partying hard, but for Asuka Matsuba, she had a different mission, she chose to volunteer.