Insitu Bekasi is a 15 hectares resort-style Town Center with various components such as Retail, F&B, hotel, office, art center and residential. By blending nature into the design, it is envisioned as an integrated destination that offers a quick getaway from the “city”. The three interconnected man-made lake is the inspiration for the name as well as the main features of the development.

Set amidst one of Bekasi’s upcoming area, Insitu Bekasi aims to capture the interest of the growing demographic residing in the nearby communities and also potential shoppers from further area that is attracted by Insitu’s unique design and hypeatmosphere.

Insitu Bekasi will showcase a well-curated Retail and F&B selection. It will also promote artisanal products, local handicrafts and gastronomy.

It is a part of VIDA BEKASI, a 140HA township development that is occupied by more than 10,000 residents with future plan to grow to 30,000 residents. Vida Bekasi is also offering various facilites such as Binus School, community and sports centre, fresh market, urban farming, and a recycling facility. This facilities were designed not only to response to local climate and ecology , but also promoting sustainable lifestyle and enrichng the community.