Project Team


GUNAS LAND is an emerging property player that is focused on property development, Management and Investment. VIDA BEKASI is backed by a group of investors that have aladolid commitment in real estate development. Our projects ranges from an office tower, retail center, and also township development with operations in Jakarta, Bekasi and Jambi.
We are committed to improve the quality standards of property development in Indonesia. We are also putting strong emphasis on eco-living by continuously reviewing new trends and technology in green development. As part of our appreciation towards Indonesian culture, we would also integrate a taste of Indonesian culture through our buildings and developments.


ANDRA MATIN ARCHITECT is a well-kept secret in the architecture world. A major force within contemporary Indonesian architecture, the soft-spoken man is recognized as the helmsman of a generation of independent architects, yet hardly anyone outside his native country knows his name. The establishment of Andra Matin’s practice signalled the start of a new and more careful approach to architecture. To date, Andra Matin has designed and built over a hundred projects throughout Indonesia. Like most tropical architecture, his buildings are not always easy to grasp on two-dimensional images, but experiencing them in real life brings the word ‘hedonistic’ to mind.

Andra Matin (Aang) was named one of the 101 most influential new architects in the 2007 edition of design magazine Wallpaper’s Architecture Directory. He is one of the founders of Arsitek Muda Indonesia, which has greatly influenced the progress of architecture in Indonesia. Andra Matin’s portfolio is vast and diverse. He designs houses, museums, galleries, restaurants, public parks, mosques and artist studios. Some of his remarkable works is Tanah Teduh, Gedung28, Chapel Conrad Bali and Potato Head Beach Club Bali.


Salad Dressing’s principle and founder, Chang Huai-yan worked in Bali with renowned tropical garden designer, Made Wijaya, befor getting up Salad Dressing in 2002 and developing his unique interpretation of tropical landscape design. The creative and innovative handling of plants is the design ethos embedded in the practice. Based in Singapore the studio is strategically placed in South Asia, to explore this theme and refine the language of tropical landscape typologies. The company has grown to include in its portfolio’s a rich array of residential developments, resorts and commercial projects.



ARAMSA INFRAYASA is a consulting firm established in year 1990, for anticipating the private and government development’s growth. Within the time frame year by year, the privates sector have played larger role and chance in developing various sectors, such as site development. For this development projects, ARAMSA had been involved in the infrastructure works for 20 years.


WASTE 4 CHANGE is a social-based entrepreneur that brings solutions in waste management, focusing in the principles of social behavior improvement towards waste and waste management system. Our mission aims to build a responsible waste management society in Indonesia. Our four core businesses are consultation, campaign, collection and creation.