Waste 4 Change

Waste4Change was founded by Mohammad Bijaksana Junerosano (Sano).

In 2008, Sano had already started his own social enterprise, Greeneration Indonesia (GI) promoting eco-friendly lifestyle. Concerned by the urgency of a better waste management in Indonesia, Sano met Paola Cannuciari of Eco Bali Recycling and immediately both shared the same vision. In 2013 Greeneration Indonesia and EcoBali Recycling established Waste4Change.

Vida Bekasi envisioned to provide a better waste solution and service for its residents and search for a partner in waste management. The search brought Vida Bekasi dan Waste4Change working together to implement a new approach of responsible waste management.

Waste4Change offers a complete solution for a variety of needs related to the issue of waste, supported by professionals in this field. With the tagline “Responsible Waste Management”, Waste4Change mission is to bring people of Indonesia who care about the rubbish that will manage them responsibly

The four main focus areas of Waste4Change are:

Consult:Consultation, research, and a preliminary study of the waste that you produce and how to handle it.

Campaign:Education and Manage Waste Wise campaign at various events.

Collect:Collect waste that has been sorted and transport it on a regular basis.

Create:Maximizing the potential of goods by recycling and upcycling to reduce the burden on final processing places

SUB Creative Village, Jl. Alun – Alun Utara
Bumipala, Vida Bekasi.