About Javara and Garden Store :

Javara is the flagship of PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia. Javara was founded by Helianti Hilman in October 2008. This company are works across the supply chain to sustain Indonesia’s forgotten food biodiversity heritage by delivering it to national and international market. Javara offers a wide range of finest natural and organic food products originating from various regions of Indonesian archipelago.

In 2017 the founder founded Sekolah Seniman Pangan, An action-based entrepreneurial learning facility and business ecosystem to nurture the growth food entrepreneurship among rural youth and women. Then, Javara founded the Garden Store, which is an organic & natural food shop that offers on-form experiences to organic artisanal food choices, healthy lifestyle training, and many others. Inside this shop, there are hundreds of products that have been certified organic for the US, Europe and Japan and certified halal. Javara products have been exported to more than 28 countries on 5 continents.

Therefore, we are very enthusiastic about opening our shop at the Javara culture – Garden store which is located in the Food Artist School Complex, an artisan food entrepreneurship school in Vida Bekasi. Visitors are likely to learn about the complete journey of artisan products, from gardens to shops.

Location :

Seniman Pangan Creative Hub

Jl. Alun-Alun Utara No. 165, Bumipala

Vida Bekasi 17156