Currently the issue of global warming has become a problem that haunts the whole world. And based on several studies, humans and housing / housing are the most active actors in disturbing the sustainability and balance of the ecosystem. How not, now many water catchment areas are forced to become residential areas. Like mangroves that are supposed to function as a barrier to sea water, they are now transformed into luxury coastal apartments.

Vehicle fumes, unsuitable waste management to the reluctance of urban people today to plant trees, are like the perfect combination to destroy the environment. In fact, all that bad behavior will eventually attack humans themselves in real time and form, such as floods, food scarcity, fuel crisis and others.

For this reason, from an early age we must start applying the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly living because if not, maybe the earth on which we stand will become an unhealthy place to live in. For those of you who are planning to buy a house for your new family or for investment in the future, choose a residential location that does not damage the environment and is oriented to nature and the environment.

Gunas Land, a property developer who cares and realizes the importance of environmental conservation and a green lifestyle, presents VIDA BEKASI as a residential area that carries the concept of a sustainable green lifestyle. This concept is concretely implemented in all aspects of housing, from land selection, development planning to providing facilities that support a green lifestyle in an area of ​​40 hectares.

One form of VIDA BEKASI’s seriousness in implementing the concept of sustainable living is by creating a residential area that is integrated with various life support facilities, such as schools, hospitals, sports centers, offices, shops, and various other facilities.

With the tagline The Way of Tomorrow Living, VIDA BEKASI will bring you and your family to a new lifestyle that emphasizes comfort, health and environmental sustainability, not only for now but also for a better future.