Redesign of Vida Bekasi Masterplan

Masterplan Vida Bekasi was originally designed by Andra Matin, one of the most influential architects in the world according to the Wallpaper Architecture Directory.

With the theme of Tropical Urbanism, Andra Matinis creates a sustainable area with a comfortable temperature to live in. With a total area developed of around 130 hectares, this area will consist of mixed use clusters with different themes and concepts.

Vida Bekasi consists of two districts, namely Bumipala and Bumiwedari. The main core of the master plan is the CBD area, with a total area of ​​about 15 hectares dedicated to this development.

Commercial clusters are designed to integrate state-of-the-art commercial facilities, F&B areas, health facilities, offices, apartments and landscaping. Bumipala with its new square in the city center and Pasar Anyar plus a mosque (also designed by Andra Matin) will be the epicenter of the future not only for the Vida community but also for the surrounding community. In an effort to reshape and expand the master plan, Urban + as master planner is working on the Andra Matin framework. With experience in masterplan work across Asia and the Middle East, Urban + (given the fact that Urban + leaders were formerly global corporate leaders) continues Andra Matin’s work to adapt property growth and trends to the level of local community involvement.

The vision of the splendor of Vida Bekasi is not only a residential space but is aimed at becoming an integrated and interconnected development that promotes pedestrian-friendly roads.