Passed by Two Strategic Toll Roads, Narogong Has the Potential to Become Bekasi Gold Corridor

Seeing the potential of the city of Narogong, Gunasland is developing an integrated town center in Vida Bekasi

The face of the city of Bekasi will change even more, in addition to the Kalimalang area development plan which will be built such as in Korea and the West Java rail network which will be expanded to such as in Europe, Bekasi is also preparing to welcome the JORR 2 toll road Cimanggis Cibitung section, and the Japek toll road (Jakarta-Cikampek) South which connects Jatiasih to Purwakarta. The two toll roads will intersect with the primary arterial road in South Bekasi, namely the Narogong Highway, making the Narogong area a location that has the potential to develop very rapidly.

Stretching 12 km from North Bekasi towards Cibubur, the Narogong highway will have toll gate access to JORR 2 in the Cileungsi area and Japek Selatan in Bantar Gebang. This reinforces the belief that one day the South Bekasi area, especially Narogong, will develop into a central business district with multi-storey buildings.

“If we imagine, the premium area in Narogong will be between the two toll roads JORR 2 and Japek Selatan like the Casablanca road in Jakarta, which connects the Sudirman road with the Rasuna Said kuningan road. With traffic from the two toll lanes, at least in the next 5 to 10 years, Narogong will transform into a new integrated business area in Bekasi City. This will mean that Narogong will be the only area in Jabodetabek that has two toll gate accesses with such a close distance, ”said Ardzuna Sinaga, Director of Urban +, a consultant working on the revitalization plan for the Narogong area.

Ardzuna also added, “Therefore, the Narogong strategic corridor requires comprehensive transportation and infrastructure planning.”

Investors, including property developers, welcomed the construction of the two toll roads that flank Narogong. One of the leading property companies is Gunasland, the developer of Vida Bekasi, an integrated area of ​​140 hectares located in Narogong. Edward Kusma, Director of Vida Bekasi, explained that the project is also preparing to welcome toll road access to the Narogong area.

“We have shown a positive response by preparing a special area of ​​15 hectares which will be built into the Vida Bekasi town center. In particular, the center of the crowd will be built integrated with public spaces on the shores of an artificial lake. The concept is to accommodate a variety of public activities so that it will be equipped with a lifestyle center, hospital, campus, arts center, offices, hotels and apartments, “said Edward Kusma, Director of Vida Bekasi. “We hope the Vida Bekasi mixed-use area in Narogong can become like Mega Kuningan on Casablanca Street.”

The construction of the Vida Bekasi town center is certainly in line with the concept of spreading the intensity of activities and development that will encourage Bekasi to become an integrated and sustainable area.

Better arrangement

In a separate location, Erwin Guwinda, Head of the Planning Division of the Bekasi City Spatial Planning Agency, expressed Narogong’s views on the future. “In theory, the trade follow the ship, where there is transportation, trade must grow. In this context, the growth of new urban spaces is besides commercial and residential, ”said Erwin when asked about Narogong in the future. According to him, the CBD development in Narogong must pay attention to environmental aspects. The CBD in Narogong should not be built massively, for example with a maximum building height of 20 floors and an area adapted to the needs of the community. “Narogong is expected to complement other business areas, but this time it must be better structured for utility and drainage,” said Erwin closing the session.

According to data reported on Jasa Marga’s official website, the JORR 2 toll road for the Cimanggis Cibitung section is targeted to be operated starting at the end of 2019. Meanwhile, the Japek toll road is currently in the location determination stage, and will start construction in the Sadang area, Purwakarta in 2019.